Portable Garden Canopy

There are many different types of garden canopies that we are able to choose from. Some of us might choose the party canopy that we will rent for weddings. Others might use the elegant gazebo canopy to create a relaxed haven in their backyard. The most practical of any though is the portable canopy.

This is the most simplest type that you can purchase. It is used in the backyard, on the beach, or even at the park. It is designed with a one piece scissor frame that allows it to be set up and pulled down in mere minutes. The polyester top is strong enough to keep the rain out and to provide shading from the sun without becoming faded or ruined in anyway.

These are usually designed to be long so that they are able to provide room for a large group of people or a small family. They are great to use when you are having a kid’s birthday party outside and want to provide some shading while you watch them run around and play.

These usually cost between $100 to $300. If you spend more money you can purchase the portable canopy that comes with a lighting and accessory system. It is built with 12v outlets that controlled from one switch box. It gives people the options to use lights, fans, or even a bug zapper. You can also use these outlets to power your cell phone, iPod, or other electronic devices.

When you are finished using it simply take it down, fold it up, and place it inside the polyester bag that it came with. This bag is waterproof and most are designed with wheels. This makes it even easier for you to take it with you wherever you go.