How To Set Up Garden Canopies

A garden canopy is one of the best things that you could use when you are trying to host a small party in your backyard. These come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors that allow you to make it as casual or as fancy as you would like. Anytime you use it you will make an impression on your guests. But first you have to set it up.

Do not over think this process. It is much easier then it looks and it will not take too long. First you will want to remove all of the pieces inside of the box and put them in their own separate piles. As you do this make sure that you have everything and any tools needed for the job.

You wills start by setting up the poles which should be labeled 1 – 4 or A – D. Connect each pole the way that the directions tell you to and compare what you have done with the picture of the canopy on the box. Connecting them should be fairly simple.

By now the poles should be firmly in place and the garden canopy should be upright. Install the necessary bolts and nuts in the proper places. Each pole will have one of each on the ends – which will help to keep them secured and tightened. Use the short bolts for the shorter poles and the large ones for the larger poles.

Now you are ready to place the cover over the poles. This should fit perfectly but not be too tight. At the end of the cover are connectors which will attach to the canopy poles. Connect them and make sure the whole thing is secured.

The majority of canopies will come with ground stakes that will secure it into the ground. Insert each stake into the ground a few feet away from the corner of each pole. Now attach a rope to the stake and the top of the corner pole. Make sure that you have hammered the stakes firmly into the ground.