How To Replace Garden Canopies

Many people are finding newer and more affordable ways to liven up their backyard through the use of a garden canopy. These come straight from the box and can be set up anywhere on your patio or in your backyard. After awhile though harsh weather and the hot sun will begin to make it look faded and worn out.

Most of us will spend a few hundred dollars to replace it with something that is brand new. Instead why not learn how to replace it by making something from scratch. This is a great project and not as difficult as one might think.

  • When replacing your garden canopy consider the type of fabric that you wish it to be made with. We believe that one of the strongest and most durable is 100% polyester. You will be purchasing awning fabrics – which come in pre-measured widths. Make sure that you purchase just enough to replace the canopy.
  • Remove the canopy from around its base. Now here comes the fun part. Starting at the seams begin to rip the canopy apart. For better accuracy and to make it quicker you can use a seam ripper. These pieces that you tear off will be the pattern you will use for your new canopy.
  • Each piece of it will be laid down flat on the ground and beside each other. Use a tape measure to get the yardage of each square. This will help you to know how much of the new fabric you will need.
  • Launder your fabric and iron out the wrinkles of the new fabric. Lay out the old pattern pieces over the new one and pin them to it. Now cut the new pieces out and sew the whole thing together using an overlock sewing machine.
  • Your new garden canopy will need fasteners. Use metal grommets and secure them to each corner of it. Line the grommets on either side of the fabric and use a hammer to secure them together.
  • Now you are ready to reattach your brand new canopy and tie it together with a bungee cord.