Garden Party Canopy

Many of us enjoy to throw a party outdoors in our backyards, on the beach, or at the park. The fresh air and beautiful weather allows the children to play outside without feeling cooped up and provides a comfortable and relaxing setting for all of our guests. For some of us we are hosting a simple get together for families and friends. For others we are putting together a wedding reception or family reunion.

No matter what the occasion is for it is smart to use something that will provide us with shade from the sun, bugs, and possible rain. This can easily be done with a garden party canopy. These canopies come in a variety of sizes that will fit large or small parties. They are versatile and work easily with any backyard or patio.

They are designed to offer the perfect shading to allow people to relax while eating their foods. Most are designed with a mosquito screening around each side of the open canopy. The netting can be pulled aside with decorative ties when not being used and zipped down when the bugs are all around.

It is not difficult to find a garden party canopy that has the design or style that you are looking for. Most come in a variety of both light and dark colors and very elegant or simple patterns. They are made with 100% polyester and Scotchguard – which is thick and able to absorb the heat from the sun. These will cost between $150 to $400.


  • Made with steel frame and white powder resistant coating
  • Comes in a variety of designs and colors
  • Designed with 100% polyester and 3M scotch guard protection
  • Will fit on most patios and in gardens
  • Priced between $150 to $400