Garden Gazebo Canopy

The garden gazebo canopy is a type of party canopy – but one that is used more often for very casual get together. They have the look of a small and rather charming cabana that is able to withstand any weather and can fit easily onto any patio or in any yard. These come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes.

In order to keep the bugs away and from biting on all of your guests you will want to spend the extra money to purchase the kind that comes with a mosquito netting. This netting can easily be pulled to the side using decorative ties. It is built into each side and when you need to use them can be secured with a special zipper.

They are made using 100% polyester with a layer of 3M scotch guard protection over it. This helps to make it thick, durable, and able to withstand all types of weather conditions. To assemble you do not need any tools. Instead you will need to purchase an anchor kit and use foot pads to help secure it firmly to the ground.

If you are looking for something that is more elegant than you for a bit more money you can get your hands on an Oasis garden canopy. Many of these are designed to fit around a specifically made gazebo, on patios, or in gardens. They are very elegant and are often built with solid sides or bay windows.


  • Built with heavy duty, galvanized steel frame
  • Weather resistant fabric
  • Comes in several patterns and colors
  • Mosquito netting built all around it
  • Sides are adjustable on most canopies
  • Made with 100% polyester and 3M scotch guard fabric
  • Priced between $250 – $400